Wear comfortable clothing and shoes appropriate for walking in fields. Dressing in layers is a good idea due to temperature changes as the day progresses and as the hot air balloon rises.
Our hot air ballooning company is completely accident free, fully insured by an A+ best rated company, which is not a requirement in New York State. Safety is our first priority.  Your pilot and crew attend annual Safety Seminars to stay updated and informed on the latest safety procedures. We do not fly the hot air balloon in any conditions that are not safe for ballooning.  We want you to enjoy the safest and the most enjoyable flight there is to offer here in the beautiful Adirondacks.

All of our equipment used to launch the balloon is top of the line and is inspected to the highest standards by a Certified Repair Station which is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration.  For your safety, not only is our equipment in mint condition we also keep low hours on all our balloons. 

Ballooning equipment comes in several different sizes. We chose to use a five passenger ride balloon for your comfort and safety. Smaller ride balloons provide a more intimate setting for you and your passengers. Also if you have 3-4 passengers in your party, you will receive a private flight for just your group.  We use a large open style basket with padded seats for your comfort.

Our customers compliment us on the fact that we are professional and courteous to their needs and safety.  

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